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A.C.T.'s Strand Theater (August 2019)


My production of Into the Woods is set in my childhood safe haven— a library— and through the imaginations of four young, voracious readers the intersecting stories of our storybook characters leap off the page and onto the Rembe stage. Libraries are overwhelming. They are organized mazes, playgrounds of knowledge, and sacred spaces. There are rules and library etiquette, all of which we plan to break together in our adventure into the woods. 

Book by James Lapine

Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim 

Directed by Ken Savage

Music Direction by Daniel Feyer

Choreography by Meredith Charlson

Scenic Design by Angrette McCloskey

Costume Design by Jessie Amoroso

Lighting Design by Chris Lundahl

Props Design by Marisa Ramos

Sound Design by Micahel Creason 

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