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TRANSFERS by Lucy Thurber

Crowded Fire Theater (March 2019)


Directed by Ken Savage

Scenic Design by Kate Boyd

Costume Design by Jackquelin Pedota

Lighting Design by Chris Lundahl

Props Design by Mary Naughton 

Sound Design by Madeleine Oldham 

DSC07925 2.jpg
REVIEW: Crowded Fire’s ‘Transfers’ demands fairness, and your attention (San Francisco Chronicle) - "Leaping Man" review (Chronicle highest rating)


"Ken Savage’s direction makes every sharp turn in Thurber’s tone as smooth as a matter of course. Rosie and Cristofer might taunt and dare each other, then deflect and obfuscate, then peel away layers upon layers of defenses to reveal naked, ardently striving souls, but it all feels right and true because his actors keep each other in the unrelenting grip of communion. In each micro-beat, it’s as if they’re saying anew to each other, “Here’s what you’ve given me; here’s how I’m absorbing it; here’s what I’m giving you; how do you respond?”

REVIEW: ‘Transfers’ compellingly asks: Who gets the elite education? (San Francisco Examiner)

"Ultimately, under the sharp direction of Ken Savage, every character comes fully to life over the course of a bit less than two hours."


"Thurber’s gift for examining issues of social class, privilege and opportunity in America resonates through her well-rounded characters, so lovingly portrayed here."

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