Department of Theater and Performance Studies, Stanford University (October 2016)


Directed by Ken Savage

Scenic Design by Erik Flatmo

Costume Design by Connie Strayer

Lighting Design by Stephen Hitchcock 

Colliding a traditional 1891 German aesthetic for the adult characters with a contemporary prep school aesthetic for the student characters in this world, this production of Spring Awakening challenged this cast of undergraduate, graduate student, and alumni actors to reflect on a the historical differences and similarities between Wedekind's German society and the timely contemporary resonances surrounding the culture of sexual education at elite institutions across the nation. The design was inspired by photographs of abandoned libraries -- houses of knowledge that are kept pristine until the children decide to abandon the rules and throw away all of what has been taught to them. This production of Spring Awakening was the inaugural production in the newly renovated Roble Arts Gym Theater, which seated about 230 audience members for 9 sold out performances. 

REVIEW: Spring Awakening "125 Years of Waking Up" (Stanford Arts Review, October 2016)

"This production is the best I have seen at Stanford in the past three years, partially because of its high quality of cast, staff, and musicians, but also because of its ability to be relevant."

"It is up to each production of Spring Awakening to get the audience to connect to the more antiquated parts of the show. The best productions make the audience question, are these things so oldschool after all? This was one such production. Its strongest asset, especially in comparison to other productions at Stanford, was the caliber of talent across the cast. Everyone could sing, everyone could dance, and everyone could act."

REVIEW: TAPS’ ‘Spring Awakening’ is an inaugural production to be remembered (Stanford Daily, October 2016)


"Spring Awakening is a carefully crafted combination of knockout student performances and a near-genius sense of staging." 

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